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    1. Hydraulic brick press has stepped into the development stage of information technology

      pubdate : 2019-07-29 15:21  click :
      In the early 1990s, the proposal of "information superhighway" marked that the world has entered the era of information. Today, information technology has matured day by day, construction enterprises continue to promote information work in order to gain advantages in enterprise competition and achieve leapfrog development. Hydraulic brick press, as the main equipment of building materials production, is closely related to the development of construction industry, so it has also entered the development stage of information technology.
      Hydraulic brick press has been widely used in ceramic production, brick making and other fields since it began to develop in the 1990s. It is necessary for hydraulic brick press to take the information road. Hydraulic brick pressing mechanization needs a long-term development and great efforts to be popularized. Every development of information technology from application to popularization needs 10-20 years, which requires persistent efforts of the government and the whole industry. In the future, the sound and rapid development of information technology in the construction industry still depends on the government's policy promotion, including the national organization of major scientific and technological research projects to carry out relevant research work, but also need research institutions and software development units to develop and promote software products suitable for the needs of the vast majority of construction enterprises in China.
      For the development of information technology of hydraulic brick press in our country, it is still necessary to promote the policy. This is because, first of all, our market economy is not mature, especially in the area of information technology needs policy guidance, in order to achieve technological progress; secondly, compared with foreign countries, the foundation of information technology of our hydraulic brick press enterprises is still weak, and the ability of independent development of information technology is weak; in addition, the benefits of our hydraulic brick press enterprises are weak. Run very thin, in the construction of information technology investment, it is difficult to form a consensus within the enterprise, need external force to promote. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the development of information technology of hydraulic brick press in policy.

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