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    1. Jiande sintered brick and tile kiln shutdown and renovation work passed Hangzhou acceptance

      pubdate : 2019-07-29 15:20  click :
      Recently, the Hangzhou sintered brick and tile kiln closure and renovation work assessment group composed of Hangzhou Economic and credit commission, development and reform commission, Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments has passed the inspection and acceptance of Jiande sintered brick and tile kiln closure and renovation work in 2012 through on-the-spot investigation, photography and evidence collection.
      It is understood that there were 17 sintered brick production enterprises in Jiande City in 2012, with an annual production capacity of 600 million standard bricks, which has made important contributions to the development of industrial enterprises and local economy in Jiande City. However, the problem of high energy consumption and heavy environmental pollution in brick and tile industry is becoming increasingly prominent. According to the responsibility letter signed by Hangzhou Government and Jiande Municipal Government for eliminating backward production capacity from 2011 to 2013, three enterprises, namely, Jiande Chenjia Brick and tile Co., Ltd., Jiande Bujiapeng Brick and tile Factory, Jiande Kaisheng Weiye Datong Building Materials Factory, are listed as 201. In Hangzhou, the closing and renovation plan of brick kilns with backward production capacity was eliminated in 2 years.
      The reporter learned that since last year, according to the principles of actively promoting, highlighting key points, implementing step by step, shutting down and transforming, the Bureau of Economic Informatization of Jiande City has shut down 68 brick kilns, including Chen Jia Brick and Tile Co., Ltd. of Jiande City, Bujiapeng Brick and Tile Factory of Jiande City and Datong Building Material Factory of Kaisheng Weiye of Jiande City. Removal and completion of the renovation of Jiande sintered brick and tile kilns in Hangzhou, and revitalization of more than 200 mu of land. (Reporter Fang Xian, correspondent Wang Jian)
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