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    1. Domestic Waste Incinerator

      It is suitable for the harmless treatment of municipal solid waste in villages and towns, and can solve the problems of difficult transshipment of municipal solid waste and secondary pollution of landfill in remote areas.
      Small grate stoves with independent innovation in China. The main furnace adopts hydraulic drive reciprocating grate, which has low failure rate and is easy to use. Under the promotion of reciprocating grate, garbage is evenly distributed, and the incinerator capacity is higher than traditional efficiency.
      Sectional combustion is adopted in the furnace, which consists of three parts: drying, pre-combustion and combustion, so that the incineration process of refuse is always in the best state. 3. Adopting unique secondary heat oxygen supply technology, the furnace combustion temperature is high, and the primary combustion room temperature can reach more than 900 degrees. With a secondary combustion chamber, the residence time of high temperature flue gas is longer than 3 seconds and the temperature of flue gas reaches 1200 degrees, which controls the generation of secondary pollution. The flue gas emission meets the standard of HJ77-2008 for the emission of air pollutants from incinerators in the determination of environmental air and waste gas and dioxins by isotope dilution high-resolution gas chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry.
      Daily capacity: 5-8 tons/day.24 hours
      Suitable for garbage types: general industrial garbage, domestic garbage and crop straw
      Mixed calorific value of about 2800 Kcal/Kg
      Water content: <45%
      Furnace combustion temperature: 850 ~1280.
      Residence time of flue gas: > 2S (above 850 C)
      Furnace Pressure: Negative Pressure Design, No Backfire, -3~10mm H_2O Column
      System Control Form: PLC Industrial Computer
      Blower parameters: 3KW air flow: 600m3/h pressure: 6600pa
      Induced draft fan parameters: 7.5 kW air volume: 9000 m3/h pressure: 3500 pa
      Slag discharging mode: chain discharging automatic slag discharging
      Power: 5.5 kw
      Operator: 2-3 persons

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