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    1. Incinerator (100-300T)

      1. On the premise of ensuring incineration, adhering to environmental protection and utilizing waste heat, the design follows the principles of stability, reliability, advanced and practical.
      2. According to the level of economic development, on the basis of ensuring the quality and reliability of equipment, reduce the project investment and operation cost.
      3. Use hydraulic reciprocating ladder grate incinerator. Semi-dry acid removal plus bag dust removal process is adopted for flue gas purification. Pollutant emissions meet the relevant indicators of the Standard for Pollution Control of Domestic Waste Incineration (GB18485-2001).
      4. The waste heat utilization is used to heat the hot air needed by the fertilizer workshop and the combustion-supporting hot air needed by the incineration.
      5. The general layout of the incineration system is arranged according to the modern factory mode, production and auxiliary production system. The equipment is arranged in a comprehensive way, and the flue gas purification equipment is arranged outside the workshop to reduce the investment in civil engineering.
      1. Waste incineration capacity: 100-300 tons
      Suitable for garbage types: domestic garbage and general industrial garbage
      Minimum calorific value: > 3560 KJ/Kg (850 Kcal/Kg)
      Water content: <45%
      Waste reduction: > 85%-90%
      2. Furnace Combustion Temperature: 850 ~1200.
      3. Residence time of flue gas: > 3S (above 850 C)
      4. System Control Form: PLC Industrial Computer
      5. Flue gas purification treatment system: designed according to GB18485-2001 standard (also designed according to user needs)
      6. Oxygen content of flue gas at incinerator outlet: 6-12%
      7. Incinerator power: (380V 50HZ) 500KW

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