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    1. Incinerator (10-100T)

      High Efficiency, Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Domestic Waste Incinerator-Waste Heat Steam Recovery System-Steam Power Generation System
      Waste incineration is an effective, economical and reliable method and measure adopted in China and even in the world, while using mechanical equipment to incinerate garbage is a good and reliable choice for garbage treatment. The waste incineration equipment absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad, combines patented technology independently developed, chooses an incinerator with wide adaptability, low maintenance rate and stable operation, adopts high-tech measures of high temperature combustion, secondary oxygenation and automatic slag discharge to meet the monitoring requirements of sewage discharge. Waste incinerator is composed of six systems: waste crushing treatment system, incineration system, smoke biochemical dust removal system, gas generator (auxiliary ignition incineration), waste heat steam recovery system (boiler) and steam power generation system (turbogenerator). Its structure is reasonable and scientific. In comparison with the same industry, the operation cost is low and the maintenance is convenient. Intelligent, high processing efficiency, high economic efficiency, low operating cost, stable performance, safety and reliability, long service life. It integrates automatic feeding, screening, drying, incineration, ash removal, dust removal, waste heat and power generation automation control. Scope of application: municipal solid waste, medical waste and general industrial waste.
      Waste incineration volume: 10-100T/day (user demand design)
      Flue gas purification and treatment system: designed according to GB18485-2001 standard
      Furnace temperature: 800-950 C
      Second Combustion Chamber Temperature: 1100-1250
      Residence time of high temperature flue gas: > 2S
      Removal rate of toxic and harmful substances: > 99.99%
      System Control Type: Industrial Computer Automation Control
      Lowest calorific value: > 3560 KJ/Kg (850 Kcal/Kg)
      Water content: <45%
      Reduction rate of slag burning: <5%

      24小時焚燒量 配余熱鍋爐蒸發量 每小時發電量kw/h 淡水量t/h 制冷量t/h 蒸餾水t/h 焚燒爐煙氣量
      2t/D 200kg/h   2   1 800 m3/h
      5t/D 500kg/h   5   2.5 1700 m3/h
      10t/D 1.0t/h   10   5 3500m3/h
      15t/D 1.6t/h 185 16 1460 8 6000m3/h
      30t/D 3.2t/h 430 32 2921 16 12000m3/h
      50t/D 5.3t/h 715 53 4934 26.5 20000m3/h
      70t/D 7.8t/h 1035 78 7261 39 30000m3/h
      100t/D 10.5t/h 1417 100 9775 50 40000m3/h
      200t/D 22t/h 2970 220 20482 110 80000m3/h
      注:蒸氣壓力1.0Mpa 溫度184℃。10噸以下不能配聯合發電。 
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