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    1. Yellowstone Service

      Pre-sale service:
      Accept user consultation
      Confirming the Scale of User Construction
      Designing plant construction plan for users
      Provide plant building drawings and related information
      Participate in supervision of plant construction process
      Huangshi participated in the design of thousands of brick factories and saved a large number of site design schemes. Huangshi can provide all the building drawings according to the user site, plan one step in place, ensure that users can produce smoothly, save investment as much as possible, and thus get benefits.
      In-sales service:
      Supervise infrastructure and other process construction
      Establish management framework and train production related personnel
      On-site installation guidance and training of production operators
      As the leader of environmental protection machinery manufacturers, Huangshi is not only selling equipment, but also designing the whole factory for customers, so that customers don't worry about the planning and management of the factory area, so that customers can really enjoy all the industry knowledge and professional technology Huangshi possesses. This is also the core of Huangshi. What is the value?
      After-sales service:
      Establishing User Archives
      24 hours/365 days for technical consultation
      Regular return visits by engineers and technicians
      Parts and Components Compensation and Delivery Centers
      The goal of Huangshi after-sales service is to let you continuously experience the characteristics of Huangshi equipment. User files will clearly record the user's equipment type and special requirements. In order to provide users with the required services accurately and timely. Improve spare parts compensation service center and after-sales service department in user-intensive areas, so that customers have high-quality after-sales service.
      Extended services:
      Equipment system upgrade
      Equipment, Mould Renewal
      Sharing Precise Industry Frontier Information
      New technology, timely adoption of new technology
      Huangshi's high-quality service team regularly receives in-depth training covering Huangshi equipment and Huangshi technology to ensure that they understand the equipment requirements and know how to keep the equipment at its peak. Every Huangshi technician who assembles and maintains your equipment should take part in many professional and technical training at the junior, middle and senior levels in an orderly manner. Even the most senior technicians need to take part in the training of equipment technology renewal every year. Continuous improvement of service scope, timely provision of industry information, new technology and new materials, new technology sharing is to ensure that users can better produce and operate.

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